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hirato asked:

just dropping by again because I forgot to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work, if it wasn't for this blog I would be forever wondering about this lovely band :) and thanks again for the poster link!!

You’re welcome and any time! The more fans, the better. I really want them to be even more successful than they already are. :-) 

Ask box wasn’t working…

Hey everyone! Tumblr hasn’t been notifying me of messages and I only just found out I had a few to answer. I answered all I thought I missed (most were private responses), but if you asked a question that didn’t get answered, please ask again. I’ll have to manually check my ask box until Tumblr starts notifying me again, I guess. :-( 

PLEASE support DickPunks by BUYING the album! It's available internationally here!

Please, please, please support DickPunks by BUYING the album. I’m so disheartened to see people uploading the entire album for people to download for free. International fans CAN buy it! Please just make the effort. The link above is one place you can get it and they ship to 60 countries. This is not the only retailer that will sell it, you just have to look. These boys work so hard and make so little that every sale counts. They are not international superstars making millions of dollars and soon they will go into the military and who knows if they will have this opportunity again when they get out. Please reblog to get the word out. Thank you and I’m done preaching… for now. ^^

Preorder Viva Primavera Now & Get a FREE Poster! has DickPunks’ Viva Primavera up for preorder and is offering it at a discount for the first 30 days along with a free poster [free poster is ONLY during the preorder period!]. Here’s the link if you’re interested in ordering. They ship to 60 countries and also take PayPal. I’ve never ordered there before but I just placed my order. :-) If it pops up on iTunes I’ll be getting that version as well. I just love getting physical versions of KPOP albums because they really go all out and the quality and extras are usually pretty awesome.

Here’s some information from the site about ordering (after the cut):

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